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Start Here & Connected by Water

Location: Play anywhere

A Difficult History & A Miracle of Modern Engineering

Location: Ashokan Reservoir Promenade, East Parking Lot (the “frying pan”)
Accessibility: Paved surface, fully accessible.
Services: Cell phone signal; accessible porta-potty.

Trout and Tourism

Location: Ashokan Rail Trail, Boiceville entrance. Please listen on the bridge over the Esopus, about 1/4 mile from the parking lot.
Accessibility: Hard-packed surface, fully accessible.
Services: Porta-potties, including an accessible one.

Tough Choices

Location: Vacant lot next to Nuvance Medical Center, Boiceville.
Accessibility: The lot has a hard-packed and gravel surface. It’s also possible to view the site from your car.

Un-Muddying the Waters

Location: Simpson Mini-Park, at the intersection of Route 214 and Main Street, Phoenicia.
Accessibility: The park has grassy turf and is not easily wheelchair accessible, but you can get a great view of the Stony Clove from the Main Street bridge which has a paved sidewalk.

Upgrading Infrastructure

Location: Shandaken Tunnel Portal on Route 28
Accessibility: the small parking lot has an uneven paved and gravel surface, with a grassy edge. However you can see the portal from your car.

A Seat at the Table

Location: Catskill Watershed Corporation, 669 Hwy 38, Arkville
Accessibility: The site is paved and is wheelchair accessible.
Services: Cell phone signal.

The Whole Farm Plan

Location: Hubble Farm historic marker, Route 30
Accessibility: The turnaround has a somewhat uneven hard-packed surface, but you can view the site from your car.

After the Storm, Part 1

Location: Main Street, Prattsville
Accessibility: Prattsville sidewalks are paved and have curb cuts.
Services: Cell phone signal; shops, food & cultural centers.

After the Storm, Part 2

Location: Devasego Park, Prattsville, on the banks of the Schoharie Creek.
Accessibility: The parking lot is a hard-packed surface; the park is mowed grass which is less accessible.
Services: Cell phone signal; accessible porta-potty.

Tapping the Delaware & Putting the Public in Public Space

Location: Shavertown Boat Launch at the Pepacton Reservoir. If you don’t have a free DEP access permit, please park in the area at the side of the road and walk down to the parking lot.

The trailhead to the Shavertown Trail (moderate steepness, views) is just up the road on the opposite side. Please sign the trail register if you are planning to hike!

Accessibility: the parking area is hard-packed. There is a ramp down to the water’s edge at the north end of the parking lot. The trail is not accessible.
Services: There is an accessible outhouse on site (open seasonally).

Gone But Not Forgotten

Location: Pepacton Cemetery
Accessibility: The cemetery is not wheelchair accessible, as the terrain is mowed grass and moderately sloped. However, you can view it from the side of the road.