In these workshops for adult and youth audiences, participants learn about the NYC water supply and how it connects NYC and upstate communities. They make a “human diagram” of the water system that visualizes and embodies the connections between its parts. Each participant takes on a role: reservoir, aqueduct, forested mountain, water tunnel, water treatment plant, or faucet. They form the connections between the parts of the system with their arms and hands, and then create an “infrastructure orchestra” in which they vocalize the water flowing through the system. This project viscerally illustrates that water is a social connector, and that there are human relationships embodied in this infrastructural landscape.


This workshop/participatory performance for small groups of up to 16 people uses handmade vinyl neckpieces and other props. It’s been performed in public spaces, city agencies, galleries, college classrooms, and community gardens.


I’m developing a toolkit version of Performing Infrastructure to be used with groups of up to 35 students. The toolkit and curriculum guide are being tested in NYC public school classrooms and in workshops with teachers and environmental educators. Available in 2022!